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Your Dentist in Renton Says Avoid These 5 Flossing Mistakes

blue floss container lying open You’ve begun to take your oral hygiene and overall dental care more serious, which is why you’re now flossing. Still, though, there are some things regarding the process that you’re a little cloudy on. For example, you wonder, “Is flossing just as important as brushing my teeth?” Your dentist in Renton has the answer to that question and will also share some common mistakes that are made in regard to flossing so that you can have the best oral health possible.

What Does Flossing Accomplish?

Using dental floss allows you to clean between your teeth and along the gum line. There are two main targets that it seeks to subdue – leftover food particles and the bacteria they attract. Because of its super-flexible nature and svelte design, it invades the hiding places where bacteria do the most harm – compact and warm spaces.

5 Mistakes That People Make with Flossing

Here are some of the common mistakes and misunderstandings that people have with flossing:

  • Infrequent Flossing – The only way to get the real benefits of flossing is to perform the activity every day, at least two times. This level of consistency then allows you to truly experience its benefits – healthy teeth and gums for your entire life.
  • Snapping the Floss – It’s important to be patient when working the floss between your teeth. Using firm but controlled pressure, work the floss down between your ivories to avoid injuring your gums.
  • Using a Sawing Motion – You also want to avoid using a sawing action. This just pushes plaque further into your gums instead of removing it. The correct method is to use the “C-ing” motion, by cupping the floss around the tooth.
  • Using Other Materials to Floss – No other material should be used to floss your teeth. That can be a sure way to get an infection or cut your gums. Dental floss is specifically designed for the function that it carries out, so it’s best to stick with it for cleaning between your teeth.
  • Focusing More on Brushing – A final misconception is that brushing is superior to flossing. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are of equal importance, acting as a dynamic duo. One removes debris from the teeth while the other addresses the hard-to-reach areas.

To make sure that your flossing and other oral hygiene habits are up to par, just reach out to your local dentist to schedule a cleaning and checkup. While there, you can further discuss the best practices and techniques to ensure your oral health for years to come!

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