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Emergency Dentist Helps You Avoid a Holiday Dental Crisis

hot chocolateWinters in Western Washington are dreary, so it’s understandable that many people take refuge in all the glitz and glamor of the holidays. Maybe you escape from the gloom by heading to the local mall to look at all the neat gifts on shelves, or maybe you stay at home and do fun crafts. While you’re getting ready to celebrate, however, you might be reaching for some yummy seasonal treats. Unfortunately, a lot of foods that are popular at this time of year pose a danger to your oral health. Your emergency dentist in Renton is here to give you some timely tips for avoiding a dental crisis over the holidays.

Stay Away from Sugary Drinks

Pumpkin spice latte! Eggnog! Mulled wine! These fall and winter staples taste divine, but they’re packed full of sugar, and sugar is one of the worst things for your teeth. It combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create plaque, and the resulting acids wear away at your enamel. If you indulge too much, you could end up with cavities. However, if you can’t say no to sweet beverages, enjoy them in moderation and brush your teeth about an hour after you finish.

Stick to Non-Sticky Foods

Toffee, taffy, Almond Roca, and other candies are pleasing to the palate, but they’re not pleasing to your smile. Not only are they full of sugar, but their texture also presents a problem. They can cling to your teeth for a long time, which gives those sugars a golden opportunity to attack your teeth.

Plus, sticky goods can, in some cases, cling to your fillings and dislodge them. A missing filling is a true dental emergency that requires prompt attention, and you don’t want such a situation to interrupt your family time.

Get a Handle on Your Hard Candy Habit

Sucking on hard candies exposes your teeth to sugar for a long period of time, but that isn’t the only problem with these treats. If you bite down on them too hard, you could end up breaking or chipping a tooth. This is a painful situation, and it can lead to the need for a root canal or other extensive dental treatment. It’s best not to take the risk.

Warm Up with Caution

A cup of cocoa or a latte from Big Foot Java is a great way to warm up when the temperature drops, but don’t drink anything that is too hot. Your teeth can stand hot liquids, but the soft tissues in your mouth are susceptible to burns. Even a single burn has the potential to cause permanent damage, so be sure to wait a few minutes before you start sipping on that cup of chai tea.

Yummy foods and drinks are part of what makes Washington winters bearable. However, you should enjoy them with caution in order to avoid an unnecessary visit to your dentist in Renton.

About the Dentist

Dr. Sam DK Kim is proud to be your emergency dentist in Renton. If you face a dental crisis — or you want to schedule an appointment for after the holidays to see if your teeth suffered any damage — please contact our office at 253-277-8767.