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Emergency Dentist Gives Tips for Handling Tooth Trouble on the Road

woman with mouth painYou had to fly across the country for an important business meeting. You’re at lunch with some key clients when suddenly — ouch! You bite down on something too hard, and suddenly your tooth is in major pain. Or maybe you’re on vacation and tossing a football around with your family when — uh oh! The ball hits you in the mouth and you find yourself with a dental disaster. What should you do? Your emergency dentist in Renton is here to give you some tips for handling tooth trouble on the road.

Find a Dentist Right Away

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you should delay getting treatment until you’re closer to the dental care provider that you’ve been seeing for years. Use your smartphone or computer to search for a dentist in your immediate area. Many practices are willing to handle dental emergencies, so all you have to do is call, describe the situation, and listen to the dentist’s recommendations. Most likely, you’ll have to head into the office as soon as you can for treatment.

Have Your Insurance Information Handy

Don’t let financial worries stop you from seeking treatment for your dental emergency while you’re on the road. Even if a dentist isn’t in your insurance company’s network, they might still be willing to work with your coverage provider to help mitigate the cost of your treatment.

To make this process smoother, be sure to have your insurance information with you, whether it is on your phone or on paper. Know where it is, and ensure that it is always easy to access.

Study Up on Self Care

Regardless of when or where a dental emergency happens, you should know the basics of what you can do to address the problem before you see a dentist. Here are some basic tips that will help you when the unexpected occurs:

  • If a tooth gets knocked out, store it in its original socket, in a glass of milk, or in some water. If you get to a dentist within an hour or so, the tooth might be salvageable.
  • It’s okay to take mild painkillers, but don’t put the painkillers directly on the effected tooth — you don’t want to end up with chemical burns!
  • Don’t chew or put a lot of pressure on the affected tooth. It’s also a good idea to avoid very hot or very cold foods and beverages.
  • If you’re suffering from a jaw injury and there is swelling, you can use ice to control it. When your mouth has taken a very serious blow, it might be best to head to an emergency room before you go to the dentist.

You don’t want a dental disaster to put a damper on your travels, but it’s always a possibility. Use the above tips so you can handle the situation in the best way possible.

About SDK Dental Care

Dr. Sam DK Kim and the rest of the team at SDK Dental Care understand that dental problems can occur suddenly, which is why they are eager to help when emergencies arise. If you’re traveling in the south Seattle area and find that your mouth is in pain, contact your dentist in Renton at 253-277-8767 so you can receive treatment ASAP.