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Scared of pain and needles? Our new super fast numbing topical gel will help you!

We’ve newly invested in a new numbing gel, special for our patients who have anxiety with needles and dental treatments! This topical applies on your gum and gives you numb feeling within a few minutes! It really helps our anxious patients with the shot!










Our patient shared her pleasant experience with us on her first big filling procedure of the year! First Dr. Hu applies the topical gel on the gum area where he will inject anesthetic, after barely a minute, she mentioned “my gum already feels tingly”. Few minutes later, the patient already feels numb in her gum and ready for the injection! For the injection, she said, “Usually even after the numbing jelly I still feel the poke but this time I felt nothing at all!”. She was really worried about the pain and the needle poking, but now she is all happy with her cavity free smile!

Providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for our patients is our priority! Hope we will have the chance to help you and your family to improve your dental experience. 🙂