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This Week’s Spotlight: Jessie, Our Dental Assistant

Jessie Chen is one of our most talented amazing dental assistants who work here at Hu Smiles in Renton. She has been working here for about three years and has two beautiful Siamese cats. She will not hesitate to show you pictures.

As we have mentioned before, you will often come through our doors and notice us laughing and smiling. We often crack jokes and feed off each other’s amusements. It’s not just the laughter that has brought us together, but the memories we created here at our office.

Jessie: I remember when we first brought Halloween into our office. A lot of times it felt like our patients dreaded coming into the office. Not because of us, but because of the drill sounds, the feelings of the needles. One thing I think everybody has in common is food. Whenever you are in the chair, we love to bring up conversations about food. Our conversations usually go like this: “have you tried this place”, “wasn’t that place really good”, or “I am so hungry”. It’s a place where you can talk about food 24/7 and we love to share some of our favorite spots. I think food really helped all of us bond with each other at the workplace and Halloween was coming up, so you could guess what we decided to dress up as.

Irene was a hot dog, Sarah went as pizza, Dr. Hu a hamburger and I was a shaved ice cone. It was fun since a lot of patients really enjoyed our costumes and got to joke around and talk about food with us even more. One patient even came dressed up to see us on Halloween. We also tried to make a contest amongst ourselves to see whose costume everybody enjoyed more. It made better friendships with our patients and then it became a tradition at our office.

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