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Walking Through Our Doors

Our patients who walk through our doors usually see us laughing together and often, I wish they understood why we were laughing. The main reason is because of our patients. Simply put, they make us laugh, and we like to reminisce on the memories that they shared with us.

It has been such a blessing to work here which is why we want to share our experiences with you and hope you can get a laugh as well.

One of my many favorite memories here at our office was creating our name.
Whenever we are on the phone with a patient, you may hear us say “Hello, this is Hu Smiles in Renton. How may I help you?” And the conversation will usually go: “Hu? Hue Smiles? Wait who is this?”

So, what is behind the name Hu Smiles in Renton? We are very “punny” people and occasionally you will notice it in the way we interact with our patients. When we first created this name; of course, we had Doctor Hu’s name in mind. However as we continued to think more about our name, we thought about what is one thing that we want patients to take home with them.

Hu Smiles in Renton? Yes, who smiles in Renton? Our patients.
We will close by saying what we always say at the end of every workday here at our office.

May Peace be brought to Renton



Also, please enjoy the cartoon made by our talented Dental Assistant Irene.


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